Fulfillment service

for Amazon

The solution you need
Fulfillment for Amazon

An integral, personalized and low cost service.

Complete solution

from the shipment from China or Colombia to the door of your client.

Outstanding Service

to help you with all your doubts and achieve together the success of your project.

Integrated Technology

we use advanced software allowing integrations and information at hand.


Products on Amazon?

We are your ally in this path, putting at your disposal our infrastructure, logistics, inventory system and fulfillment, and competitive rates to maximize your returns.


We offer comprehensive fulfillment solutions for Amazon FBA, subscription boxes, retail stores and multichannel e-commerce stores. We offer our customers the best compliance solution with full visibility of each order. From the moment your customer fills your cart, to the delivery at your residence, you can track everything.

Quality control

We check that the product is in good condition.


We pack your orders for shipment to end customer.


We put the stickers in the boxes according to the need.

Fragile packaging

(if required) to minimize transportation damage.

Photo record

We take pictures of your shipments if required.

Smart Storage

With access to our WMS software.

Inventory Control

You can manage your inventory on our platform.

Returns Management

We process the returns made by customers.

Profitable and Flexible Shipment

We offer different shipping options with carriers.

Order Processing

We receive and process the orders of the websites.

Economic Storage

We store your inventory at a low cost.

Pick & Pack

Search and pack your products according to the order.

Let us bring your cargo from China


to USA or Colombia

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