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Mi Punto de Compra has logistic delivery times from origin to destination of approximately 3 to 5 days depending on the final city, the shipping method, customs process and third-party logistics operators responsible for different final operations. It is the responsibility of the client if there is a change of modality and / or readjustment of their merchandise, apprehension of the same, after being clarified and delivered to our logistics allied operators and / or our own work team. It is important to declare your packages with the correct value to avoid readjustments, sanctions or changes of modality by the DIAN.


Product Value Statement

It is the customer’s responsibility to indicate the declared value of the product. It is important to declare the product for the real value so as not to incur sanctions, change of modality or readjustments by the DIAN. In case of any readjustment, change of modality or sanction, the client is responsible for the costs generated by said process.

Mi Punto de Compra is not responsible for guides that are billed for less value and are not insured, the air waybill is the legal document from which any negotiation starts and the value declared by the client is the one that will govern it. Invoices for higher value will not be accepted once the air waybill is sent or manifested.

In case of value adjustment by the Colombian Customs Authorities (DIAN), the recipient will assume the payment of this value. Therefore, when there is a value dispute, the client must deliver a formal letter requesting a second review of the value of the product and attach the commercial invoice. This process has a response time, by the DIAN of 20 business days and has a cost of $ 30 USD.


Delivery times

Mi Punto de Compra has logistic delivery times from origin to destination of approximately 3 to 6 business days depending on the final city, the method of shipping, clarification with customs and third-party logistics operators responsible for different final operations. Mi Punto de Compra is committed to carrying out the operational, logistic and administrative activities in the shortest possible time for the benefit of the parties, however, the stipulated times are approximate since there are many variables that could affect them.

To the above, Mi Punto de Compra will not be responsible for delays caused by force majeure or for problems beyond its control, such as delays or reprogramming of airlines, delays in customs processes, bad weather, road damage, among other.

It is the responsibility of the client if there is a change of modality and / or readjustment of their merchandise, apprehension of the same, after being clarified and delivered to our logistics allied operators and / or our own work team.


Insurance and Merchandise Care

Mi Punto de Compra is not responsible for breakages and deterioration of the package we receive in our warehouse or that the customer has packed by itself. My Purchase Point will only be responsible for loss and / or theft, as long as the total merchandise insurance has been paid. Otherwise this insurance will not be effective.

100% insurance is optional. The minimum insurance is required. The first $ 5 USD ensures $ 100 USD of loss of your merchandise. If you wish to insure 100% of your merchandise, you must pay 5% of the declared value. For insurance, the following apply:

  • It is only compensated in case of total loss. Insurance does not cover partial losses.
  • The insurance does not cover adjustments by the DIAN, apprehensions, changes of modality.
  • The insurance does not cover damage or deterioration of the items.
  • Only the declared value is compensated according to the shipping guide. If the declared value is greater than US $ 100 and you only pay the minimum insurance, in case of compensation, you will only be compensated for the insured US $ 100.
  • To ensure 100% of your cargo you must request it before creating the shipping guide and sending an invoice.
  • Mi Punto de Compra reserves the right not to insure merchandise such as: dishes, paintings, works of art, porcelain, glass, glass, mirrors, makeup or any other item of extraordinary value or delicate material that could easily suffer damage during transport.

The client understands and accepts that the coverage will not exceed the declared value. The customer acknowledges that the maximum limit value of an item to be declared under the modality of postal traffic and express shipments is USD $ 2,000. At no time will it be possible to insure a product for a value greater than the commercial value of the purchase invoice or market value.


Security sticker

Our security sticker guarantees efficient delivery and in optimal conditions of your order. If your box does not have the security sticker, or if it is cut, torn, violated, please notify.


Reception and Claims

It is important that each client, at the time of receiving their shipment, take into account the following recommendations. Before signing the delivery guide of the transporter, please check if the security seal or the box shows signs of tampering, or if the merchandise is missing, since if this occurs it will be necessary to follow the following indications: (a) In case if missing, you must not sign, or receive the shipment or in a certain case, receive it but not sign in accordance, leaving a record of the situation in the referral of the driver making the delivery. (b) Report the novelty to the Mi Punto de Compra team, who will track the novelty with the carrier.

Any news must be made within a period of less than 48 hours, after delivery, in this way, the relevant review process can be initiated. IMPORTANT. If the customer does not follow these instructions and sign without making the notation of disagreement, it means that he is happy with the delivery and has no abnormality on the part of the carrier, or on the part of My Purchase Point, therefore any type of subsequent claims, It is not covered by the insurer, since it does not have the required process and therefore this claim cannot continue.

If the claim is made after the 2 days allowed, after receiving the box, the claim will not proceed, as they are policies of the national carriers.


In and out

In and Out is a surcharge generated to the customer when a package is entered into the warehouse and is withdrawn by the customer, without being dispatched by our company. It is a surcharge generated by the management of receiving the package, entering it into the system, placing it in the warehouse, removing it from the system, and delivering it. The cost of In and Out for WHRs is $ 15 USD.


Package Reception in Warehouse

The reception of packages takes place from Monday to Friday during office hours between 8 am and 5 pm (Eastern time). If the package shows delivered by the carrier at times other than those indicated, and the package still does not reflect on your system, you should check with the carrier or supplier to request clarifications.

If your package was sent by the USPS conveyor and this mark your package delivered and you still do not see it reflected in the system, you must wait 2-3 days for the packages to be received in our warehouse to later enter them into the system, this because the transporter subcontracts the local distribution and in most cases deliveries are made 2-3 days after marking it as delivered.

We are not responsible for the condition of how packages arrive at the locker. It is the responsibility of the supplier to pack the packages correctly, and the transporter to correctly handle the cargo. We are not responsible for missing or damaged items.


Delicate Articles and Electronic Equipment

Delicate products must be packed in their original packaging, for which reason in case of damage the claims will not proceed if they do not comply with these indications. Delicate products such as: Televisions, appliances, computers and any type of product that is fragile, delivered by the senders, must be in their original packaging with proper protection, without additional items such as clothing, beauty accessories, toys, among others. In the event that the sender sends this type of product accompanied by clothing or other items not corresponding to it, Mi Punto de Compra has the autonomy to re-package these products in another box for proper national clearance, in the which the sender, or recipient must incur in the payment of an additional USD 20 for reasons that due to policies of the carriers, this type of products are not received for national transport without these security measures, take into account that if this payment is not made The box of the other items will not be sent to the final customer.



Our website allows customers to generate instructions and pre-alert us about new revenues in our facilities, in order to be more effective in times and conditions agreed by the user. Any package that will be received in our warehouse must be previously alerted in the system by the customer. In case of not doing so, Mi Punto de Compra is not responsible for lost packages or packages not located.


Customs Taxes

All mail pays the tax charges (VAT, TARIFF, CIF) varying in the tariff classification, and the COST INSURANCE FREIGTH, the cost of the item in final destination (CIF). These expenses can be paid both in ORIGIN and in final DESTINATION for customer convenience.


Physical Weight or Weight Volume

The merchandise is charged for the highest in its dimensions be physical weight and / or volume.


Abandoned items

An item is declared abandoned, 3 months after the packages arrived at their locker in Miami. An item is declared abandoned, after 1 month that the packages that were dispatched from Miami warehouse arrive at Bogota warehouse. When declaring an item by default, My Point of Purchase has every right to donate, liquidate, sell, auction off the cargo declared in abandonment. The customer can recover his cargo marked in abandonment, paying all accumulated warehouse costs and the cost of shipping the cargo.


Warehouse Surcharge

Warehouse surcharges apply only when the cargo is in Bogota warehouse and it has been more than 8 days since the customer was notified of his arrival for later payment. The Bogota winery is only for transit and not for warehousing, which is why the winery costs are incurred after the time of grace. The daily warehouse surcharge fee is $ 5 USD per guide and after 30 days, the guide is marked abandoned.


Destination Delivery

We use local carriers for the delivery of your packages in Colombia. We are not responsible for logistic delays caused by erroneous address, bad weather, closed roads, or any other that may delay delivery by carriers contracted for national distribution.

Additionally, the customer must verify that the box is in good condition at the time of delivery. If you find any anomaly, broken box, looted, or in poor condition, you must immediately inform the person making the shipment and contact Mi Punto de Compra immediately by sending proof of the novelty.


Change of address

It is important to fill in the correct information at the time of registration or indicate a change of address prior to creating a shipping guide, since a change of address in the guide generates an additional cost of transportation, related below. ** The Change of address in the same city generates a minimum cost of $ 10 USD for guides of 50 kg. ** The Change of city, generates a cost of $ 15 usd minimum, for guides of 50 kg.

Shipments with a higher weight or shipments on reshipment will be quoted in a timely manner.


Partial Losses

Mi Punto de Compra is not responsible for partial loss of merchandise. To proceed with a claim, the guide must be delivered with a list of packaging previously received by an official of Mi Punto de Compra and accompanied by the original invoices, it will also be delivered to the National transporters.



The response time, claims for losses and / or damages will be attended by the PQR department, who will carry out the relevant investigation for each case. Therefore, the response time, under normal conditions, will be 15 business days, which counts from the date of creation of the PQR ticket. Claims for whatsapp or verbal do not proceed with the insurer.



Read and know the customs regulations applicable to Colombia under the Postal Traffic modality.

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The following conditions of use apply to the My Point of Purchase website hosted under the domain www.mipuntodecompra.com. The use of this website implies full knowledge and acceptance of these conditions of use. If you do not agree with them, please do not use this website.

Mi Punto de Compra reserves the right to make changes to the products or services offered on its website or in the prices of such products or services, at any time, without prior notice.

It is not allowed to use any device, software or routine that interferes or tries to interfere in the correct functioning of this web page or any other transaction made by this site.


The intellectual and industrial property, trademarks, graphics, images, logos, information and icons visible on the My Point of Purchase web page are the exclusive property of My Point of Purchase or the brands or manufacturers represented. All content and its format are protected by current national and international laws.

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This web page may contain links to documents or web pages of third parties. These links are provided for informational purposes only to benefit users but are not under the control of Mi Punto de Compra, therefore, My Point of Purchase is not responsible for the content or information of such links.


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